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SAT Intensive Course 

SAT衝刺班用地毯式搜索方式教導SAT必考的英數知識。在閱讀Reading 部分, 學習如何利用時間針對不同文章種類答題, 讓你能有效善用每分每秒順利完成, 且遇到不熟悉的主題也不會懼怕。文法Writing & Language 講求文法基本知識和技巧, 課程內容分類出20個文法規則, 清楚的教材筆記和解說讓你精通必學法則保證答題率直線上升。

數學Math 部分專注於熟悉題型, 提升解題技巧和熟練度。

The Dr.G. Academy team utilizes exhaustive screening to teach essential math and English SAT knowledge. We provide an analysis mock for each student prior to our courses in order to pinpoint their respective strengths and weakness. The test result will also help us to provide the most suitable reinforcements on the areas where students lack understanding. Our class size is limited to 9 students to guarantee the most effective and quality teaching in our courses. Small class sizes also allow us to monitor students closely and provide them assistance promptly. In addition, we provide unlimited practice resources on all subjects for students to practice up until the actual test date. Once students apply for a course, we also provide 10 free mock tests for them to schedule freely to keep their skills sharp for the test. Scoring 1500 and above has never been this easy!


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​贈10次 Digital SAT 模考


免費SAT真題模考 擬真考試環境

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